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Troubleshooting Hints for Image Queries
  1. Too many options: If you selected more than 2 or 3 options, you may have produced a query that is too narrow to match anything. Go back, select fewer options, and try again.
  2. Conflicting options: The options you selected may be cancelling each other out. For example: state=CA and continent=Africa, or entering a Name for Landscape photos (only Plant and Animal photos have a Name).
  3. Name must be a plant or animal name: The Name field contains only common names and latin names of plants and animals. Typing other terms into the Name field will not match anything.
  4. Non-matching Name (plants): Our plant photos are mostly native California plants. Cultivated plants such as daffodils and bamboo, or other plants that don't grow in the wild in California, are usually not represented in this database.
  5. Plural Name: did you use the plural form of a name such as 'redwoods'? If so, change it to singular ('redwood') and try again.
  6. Spelling of Name: Is the spelling OK? If you were looking for a California native plant, and you think your query was OK, check the spelling in CalFlora and try again.
  7. Location: Most of our locations are in California; other places that are represented in our photo database can be found in the state, country, or continent selections.

If you still have trouble making your query, send us mail at the address below

CalPhotos is a project of BNHM   University of California, Berkeley

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this page last updated: Jun 5, 2024