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Reviewer Total Affiliation / Expertise
Jeff Abbas
3CalPhotos / Tallgrass Prairie Edibles and Medicinals
Zack Abbey
1Padre Associates Inc / Preservation and enhancement of riparian and coastal sage scrub habitats and the associated wildlife species. Frequent work with sensitive wildlife species of Southern California, including but not limited to least Bell's vireo, tidewater goby, California least tern, western snowy plover, California red-legged frog and coastal California gnatcatcher.
Alice Abela
44ManTech SRS Technologies / Experienced in plant and animal identification of species occurring on the central coast of California
Sam Abercrombie
1California Native Plant Society
Carmen Acedo
0University of León / Gramineae, Poaceaae (esp. Bromus)
Andrés Acosta
3Laboratory of Herpetology Pontifici Universidad Javeriana-Bogotá / Taxonomy, Systematics, Conservation, of Colombian Amphibians
Victor Acosta
1Universidad de Costa Rica / Amphibia, Reptilia, Birds.
James D Adams
2USC School of Pharmacy / Medicinal plants
Zoya Akulova
1LSA Associates, Inc. / California flora
Catenazzi Alessandro
Jason A Alexander
0Utah Valley University Herbarium / Fabaceae; Flora of the Mohave Desert; Flora of the Great Basin
Patrick Alexander
32New Mexico State University / Ferns, mustards, some grasses.
Bob Allen
27California State University, Fullerton
Douglas Allshouse
5California Native Plant Society / Vascular plants of the San Bruno Mountains
Carlos Alvarado
1University of California, Davis
Barry Anderson
4Stachys, flora of Placer County.
Sean Anderson
0California State University Channel Islands / California wetlands, grasslands and coastal systems.
Christopher V Anderson
101Brown University / Chamaeleonidae
E. Wynn Anderson
8University of Texas at El Paso, NM Native Plant Society, Texas Native Plant Society / flowering plants of the northern Sierra Madre Occidental and western Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico, southern New Mexico and west Texas
James M. Andre
51University of California Riverside, Granite Mtns Desert Research Center (GMDRC) / CA and NV floras, rare plant conservation biology
Franco Andreone
3MRSN / frogs of Madagascar, amphibian conservation
Matheus M. Andreozzi
15MMA - Ministry of Environment of Brazil
Early Annotation
3010UC Berkeley Digital Library Project
Oron Anter
0Independent / Laeliinae
Franklyn E. Archuleta
0New Mexico/ Colorado Rancher Retired USDA Range Mgt Specialist / Soil Survey/ Vegetation Identification. Grasses, Forbs,Shrubs and trees.
Daniel Ariano
1Universidad del Valle de Guatemala / Amphibians and Reptiles
Medardo Arreortua
2Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigación para el Desarrollo Integral Regional, Unidad Oaxaca / Amphibian and reptiles. Ecolgy and conservation
Aaron Arthur
0Professional Field Botanist / Sonoma County and surrounding counties flora including coastal regions, vernal pools, serpentine areas, and forested regions.
John S. Ascher
31AMNH / Apoidea Systematics, birds
Kristin Asmus
Sam Bacchini
121EIP Associates / lizards, snakes, turtles
James Bailey
Gary I. Baird
7Brigham Young University - Idaho / Asteraceae, desert flora of western US.
Jane and John Balaban
Mary Barkworth
0Intermountain Herbabarium, Utah State University
Frank Barnwell
7Dept. Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities / Terrestrial and semi-terrestrial crabs, primarily Ocypode and Uca.
Jeffery Barrett
3California State Parks / botany
William D. Barrick
1Colorado State University /
César L. Barrio Amoros
2Fundación AndígenA / Venezuelan amphibians
Sean Barry
8University of California, Davis
Heath Bartosh
0Research Associate UC/JEPS Herbaria
David Beamer
6East Carolina University / coastal plain plethodontids (especially Desmognathus)
Eric Beard
4Specialized in Woody ID, propagation and plant soil/nutrient needs. Honestly, my herbaceous knowledge is limited.
Paul M. Beardsley
19University of Washington / Scrophulariaceae (Mimulus)
Carrie Bemis
0California State Parks
Michael Benard
1University of Michigan / Herpetology
Leah Bendlin
2Oregon Mycological Society / Fungi
Kathleen Bengel
1California State University, Fresno /
Daniel Bennett
Lacey Benson
1San Jose State University (SJSU) / Dryopteridaceae (esp. Polystichum and Dryopteris)
Michal Berec
6University of South Bohemia
Joseph Betzler
0California Professional Botanist / San Diego County flora, Mojave desert flora, succulant plants
Wouter Beukema
Catherine Bevier
1Colby College
Brian Bielfelt
9Southern California Edison
Roxanne Bittman
0Dept of Fish and Game, CNDDB
David Blackburn
5Museum of Comparative Zoology
Larry Blakely
3Eastern Sierra flora
Orland J. Blanchard
2Long Island University / Malvaceae (esp. Hibisceae)
Mario Blanco
1University of Florida, Department of Biology / Central American flora, neotropical Orchidaceae, Aristolochiaceae
Wolfgang Blum
2Study Group Echinocereus / Echinocereus
Dr. Janos Bodor
Johan Bogaert
3Coccinula (Belgian Ladybug Society) / Coccinellidae
Gabrielle Bohlman
0UC Davis
Brian Bollman
1California Native Plant Society
Diogo Borges Provete
208Universidade Estadual Paulista (S.J. Rio Preto) / Anuran amphibians of southeastern Brazil. Families Hylidae, Leptodactylidae, Leiuperidae, Bufonidae, Brachycephalidae, Microhylidae, Hylodidae.
Steve Boyd
7Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden / Flora of southern California, especially cismontane regions (e.g., Santa Ana Mountains, Liebre Mountains, San Gabriel Mountains); flora of Death Valley region; Brassicaceae; Ceanothus.
Heron Brae
3Columbines School of Botanical Studies, Oregon Native Plant Society / Apiaceae, especially Lomatium, ethnobotany, and edible and medicinal plants, esp in Oregon
João Marcelo Alvarenga Braga
2Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro (JBRJ) / Zingiberales (especially Marantaceae and Heliconiaceae) and Menispermaceae
Barry Breckling
Juergen H. J. F. W. Bredow
5Yucca IG / Asparagaceae, particularly Agavaceae, especially 'Yuccaeae'
Randolph Briggs
0BS-Wildlife Science & Herpetology-NMSU / Pet Industry and Animal Care Lecturer for over 21 years. Avid collector/identification specialist. Successfully bred Berlandier's Gopher Tortoises and reintroduced back into the wild in South Texas.
Avid world-wide fly fisherman. Familiar(hands-on) with all Psittacines.
Joshua Brokaw
4Washington State University / Mentzelia section Trachyphytum
Christopher Bronny
4Grassland and oak savanna plant communities; vernal pool habitats.
Andrew V. Z. Brower
39Middle Tennessee State University / butterflies, especially Nymphalidae
Tracey K. Brown
1Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species / California Herps
Phrynosomatid lizards

Claire Brown
John T. Brugaletta
1HSU Greenhouse Club, AOS, Humboldt Orchid Society / Pleurothallidinae (esp. Masdevallia, Dracula)
Mark S. Brunell
13University of the Pacific /
Rachel Buchwalter
1National Park Service / Plants of the Santa Monica Mountains
Roy Buck
1Californian Environmental Services, Inc / Caulanthus, Streptanthus, California flora.
Jennifer Buck
9California Native Plant Society / Experienced in grassland and vernal pool vegetation;
Scott Burgess
1Humboldt State University / Lepidoptera and their food plants; flower photography
Rick Burgess
1Ventura County Flora Project / Vascular Plants of Ventura County
Daniel Burmester
1DFG, US Forest Service /
Carrie Burroughs
6California Academy of Sciences
Judith Bush
James Buskirk
0IUCN TORTOISE & FRESHWATER TURTLE SPECIALIST GROUP, FIELD ASSOCIATE IN HERPETOLOGY CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, / chelonia of Mexico, herpetofauna of northern Baja California, Emys marmorata, genus Testudo, chelonia of southern cone countries of South America
N. Ivalu Cacho
1UC Davis
CalFlora Staff
391The CalFlora Database
Frank Callahan
1Oregon Native Plant Society / Calochortus - monocots
Staff CalPhotos
201Berkeley Natural History Museums
David Cannatella
2UT Austin / frogs
Michael Cardwell
8CSU Sacramento, Biological Sciences Dept. / Crotalus sp. (especially C. scutulatus); identification, evolution, behavior, & ecology of desert reptiles; emidemiology of venomous bites & stings, plus effects & first aid; toxicology of reptile & arthropod venoms.
Sydney Carothers
2CNPS, HSU / plants of Six Rivers National Forest & NW coastal Calif.
Gerald D. Carr
15Oregon State University / Calycadenia, Asteraceae, Pedicularis, Hawaiian Plants, NW US Plants
Claudio Carrai
1A.R.S.I.A. - Regione Toscana / Diagnosing disorders in ornamentals, including microscopy, some knowledge about australian flora, skills in technical photographs (macro and micro about flowers, diseases and pests)
Eric Carso
1County of Santa Barbara / Cacti
Thiago R. Carvalho
2Universidade Federal de Uberlândia / Hylids (Hypsiboas albopunctatus group, and Bokermannohyla circumdata group); and leptodactylids (Leptodactylus fuscus group).
Bob Case
9CNPS and California Invasive Plant Concil / Invasive plant species, Calochortus, general Sierra Nevada flora, Lewis and Clark collections, general western U.S. flora
Santiago Castroviejo-Fisher
2Uppsala University
Elizabeth Cavers
3City of Kelowna, Environment Division / plant pathology, horticulture, and photography
staff CDFA
1816California Department of Food and Agriculture / Identification, biology, and management of plants defined as noxious weeds by California law [3 CCR 4500].
Jessica Celis
0Institute for Applied Ecology / Cascade meadows and valley prairies.
David Chang
0County of Santa Barbara Agricultural Commissioner's Office / noxious weeds of Santa Barbara County
Ann Chang
0UC Berkeley, MVZ / Amphibians
Brian Charles
0National Parks Service
Michael Charters
13Plant photography
Katy Chayka
1Minnesota Wildflowers Information
John Chesnut
5CNPS / Central Coast (CW, SCORO, SCORI) flora and rare spp.
Tom Chester
42Plants of the Santa Rosa Plateau; high-elevation San Jacinto Mountains, and the Borrego Desert.
Filippo Chierici
3Agriculture, University of Bologna
Anthony Childs
2Bio-Ken Snake Farm, Watamu / Reptiles of Kenya
Richard V. Chilton
1Bird-keeping inAustralia / Australia bird species.
Ronald Chisum
0San Diego Cactus & Succulent Society / Agave and Aloe I have been collecting and growing them for 30 years
Jerry Chmielewski
5Slippery Rock University / Conduct research on Antennaria, Aster, and Solidago
Anita Cholewa
6University of Minnesota / Sisyrinchium
Christopher L. Christie
10Western United States native plants
Wesley Chun
4Department of Organismic Biology, Ecology, and Evolution, University of California, Los Angeles / Phylogenetic relationships, diversification, and biogeography of the polychrotid lizards (Iguania: Polychrotidae) of western and Andean Ecuador
Jane Cipra
1Joshua Tree National Park / experienced in plant identification in Humboldt County, Mojave Desert, and Colorado Plateau
John Clare / Amphibians (mainly Anura and Urodela/Caudata). I founded in 2001, a site for enthusiasts of newts and salamanders in captivity. I have traveled to many countries to photograph amphibians and reptiles over the last 10 years.
Curtis Clark
3Cal Poly Pomona / Papaveraceae, Asteraceae, southern California plants
Andrew Clark
0taxonomy and evolution of Mantellidae, Asiatic Salamandridae, Pacific Northwest/Rocky Mountain Amphibia
Rohan Clarke
9Deakin University, Melbourne Australia / Australian mammals
Australian birds
Australian reptiles
Australian amphibians
Peter Clarkson
1As above. Also temperate water Australian marine shells in general.
Howard Clase
1Wildflower Society of Newfoundland & Labrador / Alpines and Newfoundland Flora
Rupert Clayton
9CNPS member / Brodiaeoideae
Joanna Clines
4USDA Forest Service / Rare plants, invasive non-native plants, Carpenteria californica (M.A. Thesis on reproductive and fire ecology)
Michelle Cloud-Hughes
20San Diego State Foundation Soil Ecology and Restoration Group
Steven Cognac
0Flora of the San Francisco Bay Area; Vernal pools; Wetland Indicator Species; grasslands, woodlands, and disturbed areas of the Central Valley, central California Coast Ranges, and central Sierra Foothills.
Ray Collett
Turner Collins
1Flora North America Project/MGB / Parasitic flowering plants, concentrationg on Orobanchaceae
Jordan Collins
2California Native Plant Society / Floristics, Specimen Vouchering, Specimen curating, Rare plant surveys, general plant identification
Jordan Collins
0California Native Plant Society / Floristics, Specimen Vouchering, Specimen curating, Rare plant surveys, general plant identification
Alison Colwell
8UC Berkeley Jepson Herbaria / Vascular plant ID cSN and genera Orobanche, Kopsiopsis, Boschniakia
Daniel Cooper
1Birds, Los Angeles area natural history
Jerry Copeland
2Orchid Digest / Lycoposida with emphasis on habitat of Selaginella bigelovii, cultivation of mosses and various orchids in addition to Selaginella and Lycopodium species
Beth Corbin
1BLM /
Jesús H. Córdova
0Museo de Historia Natural de Universidad San Marcos, Lima, Perú / Experienced at Karyotypic Species identification and classification in Peruvian natural populations of amphibians and othres as mammals, flies, and reptiles, Phylogeography and Biogeography.
Mihai Costea
56Wilfrid Laurier University / Amaranthaceae; Polygonaceae; Cuscuta (Convolvulaceae
Kyle Craig
3Walla Walla College / Australasian possums (esp. of the family Petauridae), mustelids of North America.
Andrew J. Crawford
3Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute / Anurans of Panama, in particular the family Brachycephalidae (Eleutherodactylus and Craugastor).
Peter M.C. Croeser
3previously Natal Museum, South Africa / Arachnida: Sparassidae: Palystes and Parapalystes
robert cummings
1santa barbara city college / Mushrooms, Algae
Michael Cunningham
4University of the Free State / Afrotemperate biodiversity, African Bufonidae, frogs of the Australian Wet Tropics
Joslyn Curtis
5CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Ellen Cypher
5Endangered Species Recovery Program / rare plants and animals of the San Joaquin Valley
Robert Davic
0Ohio Environmental Protection Agency / Salamanders.
Christopher Davis
34Arizona State University (ASU) / Malvaceae; Passiflora
Charles A. Davis
7Natural History Society of Maryland / retired field ecologist specializing in rare plant surveys.
Thales de Lema
0PUCRS / South American Snakes
Fabio de Sa
1Universidade Estadual Paulista
Maximilian Dehling
Reviewer Account Deleted
27UC Berkeley
Clay DeLong
3ECORP Consulting / My primary areas of expertise are the flora of the Sacramento Valley, and the central and northern Sierra Nevada foothills.
John Denk
0Illinois Mycological Association / Wildflowers and wild mushrooms of the Chicago region.
Ann Dennis
5Calflora Database / Poaceae, plants of the Sierra Nevada and central California coast range
Julie DePue
Darvin DeShazer
38Sonoma Co. Mycological Association / Agarics in Northern CA
Tom Devitt
17Museum of Vertebrate Zoology / reptiles and amphibians, especially of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico
Norman Dignard
1Herbier du Quebec / Arctic and boreal vascular flora, bryophytes, Eastern North America
John Dittes
1Dittes & Guardino Consulting / Asteraceae, Poaceae, Vernal Pools, California Floristics
Lee Dittmann
126central California Coast Ranges vascular plants
David Donaire-Barroso
Joseph W. Dougherty
127Society for Environmental Education
Norm Douglas
0University of Florida / Nyctaginaceae
Stephen G. Dowlan
1Bureau of Land Management, Salem, Oregon
Georgia Doyle
0Colorado Native Plant Society
Trent Draper
28Utah Botanist
Leandro O. Drummond
0Universidade FEderal de Ouro Preto / Amphibians, reptiles, conservation, ecology, taxonomy
Sebastian Duarte-Marin
1University of Quindio / Hypodactylus and Pristimantis; especially of the central mountain range of colombia
Nancy Duncan
2Bureau of Land Management / Terrestrial mollusks listed as Survey and Manage species in Northwest Forest Plan
Aubrey Dunn
Andrew Durso
1Eastern Illinois University / snakes
Brian Eagar
1Reptiles and amphibians of the western US.
Jeremiah Easter
5herpetology student / All snakes of the state of California.
Devin Edmonds
11University of Wisconsin-Madison / Amphibians and reptiles found in the North American pet trade. Very familiar with Mantella species, also Dendrobatidae, and many tropical and neotropical Hylids.
Ashley N. Egan
1Cornell University / Leguminosae, phylogenetic systematics and population genetics of tribes Psoraleeae and Phaseoleae (Fabaceae)
Mark Egger
67WTU Herbarium, Seattle, WA / Castillejinae genera of the Orobanchaceae
Thomas Eimermacher
8Southeastern Louisiana University
DeVon Ekenstam
0Nevada Native Plant Society (Southern) / My primary focus in school was Phycology which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I admit I'm a little out of practice. I have focused on an individual level on learning the plants of the Eastern Mojave and Great Basin since 1992. Since 2006 I have worked as a Botanist throughout Southern Nevada while continuing my personal interests in which I have particularly focused on plants within the Valley of Fire State Park. Professionally I have mostly been involved in Botanical Surveys for completing Biological Assessments and Evaluations. Most of my employment related experiences have been in lower elevation desert within Clark and Nye counties.
Ulf Eliasson
174Ornamentals for Sweden
Kathi Ellsworth
1California Native Plant Society / Flowering plants
Willem-Jan Emsens
1Mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds of Europe and the Neotropics.
Joy England
0Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden / Alpine/subalpine flora of Sierra Nevada; flora of Rock Creek drainage (Mono/Inyo cos.)
Diane Erwin
2University of California Museum of Paleontology
Alzate Esteban
0Universidad CES- Grupo Herpetologico de Antioquia / Amphibians and reptiles taxonomy from Colombia
Chris Evelyn
1University of California Santa Barbara / Primary research project is focused on Batrachoseps
Paul Excoffier
16California Polytechnic State University / Arctostaphylos of the Central Coast
Sarah Felts
0National Park Service
Dante Fenolio
5University of Miami / amphibian ecology/taxonomy
Juan David Fernández
Lucy Ferneyhough
1UCSC / Central Coast, Rare species, Northern California
Daiana Paola Ferraro
1Museo de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Anura, Leptodactylidae, genus Pleurodema
Molly Ferrell
1Cache Creek Conservancy / Riparian restoration (Central Valley) is my area of expertise. Surveyed riparian vegetation for UC Wildlife Museum for 3 seasons.
Pierre Fidenci
1Endangered Species International / amphibians and chelonians
Christina Fidler
2California Academy of Sciences
Donald Filipiak
1Costa Rican amphibians and reptiles as well as other wildlife in Costa Rica
Doug Fischer
5UC Santa Barbara / CA native trees and shrubs of Central Coast
Allen Fish
34Golden Gate Raptor Observatory / Birds of Prey, orders Falconiformes & Strigiformes
Theo Fitanides
13California Native Plant Society, East Bay
William Flaxington
10Wildlife Image / California Herpetology
Robert Flogaus-Faust
9mostly introduced species from Europe
Juan Sebastian Forero Rodriguez
0Universidad del Tolima
Jennifer Forman
3Biology Dept., University of Massachusetts Boston / Japanese Knotweed and related species, i.e. Fallopia japonica (Polygonum cuspidatum, Reynoutria japonica), Fallopia sachalinesis (Polygonum sachalinense [Giant Knotweed]), Fallopia baldschuanica (Polygonum aubertii [Silver Lace Vine])
Antoine fouquet
Jim Fowler
1South Carolina Native Plant Society / Orchidaceae
Naomi Fraga
27Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden / Flowering plants of the southern Sierra Nevada, West Mojave Desert, and Transverse Ranges.
Rainbow Francom
1Royal Horticultural Society Lily Group, CNPS / Lilium species esp. North American species and hybrids. Member of: CNPS, North American Lily Society, Royal Horticultural Society Lily Group, Scottish Rock Garden Club
Michael Frankis
2953- / Conifers (including private conifer cone herbarium of 350 species).

Tony Frates
2Utah Native Plant Society
Larry Jon Friesen
0Santa Barbara City College
Peter Fritsch
6California Academy of Sciences / Styracaceae
Paul Furman
3Landscape Architect / Familiar with species in San Francisco area, lifelong gardener, intensive native studies since 1990 Especially interested in Liliaceae, Poaceae. I'm not a botanist but I use calflora regularly and sometimes see photos needing correction. Avid native plant photographer, large collection of photos for comparison.
Katie Gallagher
2Transverse Ranges around Los Angeles
John C Game
40UC Herbarium / South Pacific Island ferns, Bay Area wildflowers
Paulo C. A. Garcia
0Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais / Taxonomy, Systematics and Natural History of amphibians
Martin Gardner
Flora of temperate South America
LariAnn Garner
3Aroidia Research, International Aroid Society, Florida Nurserymen, Growers and Landscapers Assoc. / Aroid culture and hybridization
Biocontrol of pathogenic infections
Systemic acquired resistance in plants
Ty Garrison
0CNPS, Biological Assessment Services
Richard Gassaway
20n/a / S.W. USA, N.Mex. General herpetology but specializing in Crotalid snakes and small insectivorous snakes (Sonora, Gyalopion, Chionactis etc.)
F. Gauna
6Modoc National Forest / Plants that grow on the Modoc National Forest.
Tamara Gedik
3Mad River Biologists /
Ariovaldo Giaretta
2Laborató de Taxonomia, Ecologia e Comportamento de Anfíos Neotropicais / Taxonomy and systematics of anurans
Alan Giraldo
0Universidad del Valle - Cali, Colombia / Tortugas Colombia
Varad Giri
1Curator, Bombay Natural History Society
Andreas Gminder
16Mollisia s.l (inoperculate ascomycetes), Boletaceae and Lepiotaceae.
Asanka Godakanda
1Department of Botany, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka / Angiosperm plant families, mosses and Lichens
Gustavo Gonzalez-Duran
0Wildlife Conservation Society
Terry Gosliner
2California Academy of Sciences / marine mollusks, California and South African vascular plants
David Gowen
75Some Polemoniaceae
David Graber
1National Park Service (retired) / Woody plants of California, esp. genus Arctostaphylos
Lucas Grandinetti
1Brazilian Ecologist
Godden Grant
0Florida Museum of Natural History / Lamiaceae, specifically Hedeoma and Poliomintha.
Jan Grathwohl
Andrew Gray
1Oregon State University
Michael Graziano
9Ohio State University / eastern United States caudates (esp. Ambystoma, Hemidactylium, and Necturus) and chelonians (Clemmys, Graptemys, Emydoidea).
Jeffrey Greenhouse
26Jepson Herbarium / General knowledge of all CA vascular plants.
Allyson Greenlon
0Jepson Herbarium
Liese Greensfelder
1freelance science writer / Nevada County, Calif.
Brenda J. Grewell
2USDA-ARS Exotic & Invasive Weeds Research, UC Davis / Common native, rare native, and exotic/invasive wetland plants; especially native and exotic Ludwigia sp.and salt marsh hemiparasites (esp. Cordylanthus).
Ian Grinter
0Bureau of Land Management / Carex
Joyce Gross
33UC Berkeley Natural History Museums
George Grozev
Erwin Gruber
11Karl Franzens Universität Graz, Austria / Polypodiales, esp. Dryopteridaceae, Equistum spp., various holarctic families of Magnoliophyta, some "microfungi" esp. parasitic Stamnaria spp.
Christopher Guilliams
3California Botanist /
Aren Gunderson
1University of Alaska Museum of the North / Mammals.
Gregory Gust
1Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition / Great Basin-Mojave Transition Zone flora, eastern Mojave Desert flora,
Diane Haas
1CA Department of Fish and Game / Rajidae (esp. of Alaska), California marine fishes
Alexander Haas
0Amphibia, Southeast Asia
Eric Hagsater
0Herbario AMO / Orchidaceae (Epidendrum)
Denis Hamel
1bird surveys, sound technician for bird song records
Aaron Hamel
50Phacelia of southern CA, Salvia of CA, Encelia of CA
Robert Hamilton
0Hamilton Biological, Inc. / I'm a generalist, with empahsis on songbirds of California and Baja California.
Jennifer Hammock
1NMNH / Marine mammals
Philip Hammond
18S.F. & Marin County Flora Projects -- Pteridophytes / Pteridaceae of North America and pteridophytes of the Western States.
George S. Hammond
2University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web / insects, esp. grasshoppers, mites, herps of North America
Emma Hampton
1Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center / Native plants of Texas
Paul Hankamp
2College of San Mateo / Leptosiphon systematics
Debra Hansen
1San Francisco State University / California Phacelia, Sierran birds
Robert Hansen
0Museum of Vertebrate Zoology / Amphibians and reptiles of the western U.S.
Tim Hanson
3Northern California Botanists
Jeffrey Hapeman
0California Native Plant Society / Orchidaceae, Liliaceae, evolutionary biology, plant community ecology
James Harding
4Michigan State University / North American turtles
Dr. Vincent B. Hargreaves
7Cal Berkeley / Chaetodontidae and Corallimorpharia. Identification of most aquatic invertebrates, fishes and plants.
Arthur H. Harris
2Centennial Museum, Univ. Texas at El Paso / Southwestern vertebrates, particularly mammals.
Leslie Harris
50Natural History Museum Los Angeles County / Marine invertebrates, especially Polychaeta (Annelida)
Tanya Harvey
6Native Plant Society of Oregon / Western Cascades of Oregon
RT Hawke
1western U.S.
Grey Hayes
1Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve
Richard Hayes
4California Native Plant Society / Calochortus
Joe Hennen
1BRIT / taxonomy of Uredinales rust fungi
Steven Herman
1The Evergreen State College / Vertebrates, mainly birds
Angelique Herman
2Encelia Biological Consulting / general
Adriana I. Hernandez
0Cornell University / Calochortus
Rebecca Hernandez
1University of California, Davis / aridland ecosystems
Andreas Herrmann
1European botanist
Diana Hickson
0California Department of Fish and Wildlife / Maritime chaparral; chaparral.
Steven R. Hill
10Illinois Natural History survey / Malvaceae; limited expertise with most other vascular plant groups including weeds and rare plants
Stefan Hillebrecht
Hans Hillewaert
2ILVO, Belgium / Keen field biologist. European orchids, crustaceans, African large mammals, flora of Belgium.
Brian Hinds
4N. A.H.F.A / Snakes of California. 30 years experience in the field.
Kristine Hoffmann
1University of Florida / reptiles and amphibians
Gerrit Hofstra
3European studbook Foundation
James Hogue
1California State Univ. Northridge / Aquatic insects, flies (esp. Tipulidae), beetles.
Robert B. Hole Jr
7Lindsay Wildlife Museum / general zoology, birds, North American Wildlife
Eric Hollenbeck
0California State Parks / California reptiles, amphibians and small mammals and desert ecology
David S. Hollombe
1CNPS / Santa Monica Mountains Flora
Patricia Holroyd
0UC Berkeley
Sune Holt
1General Systematic Botany, Central America, Scandinavia, Arctic, The Mediteranian
Marinus Hoogmoed
1Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi, Belem, Brazil / Herpetology of Guianas and Amazon basin, all reptile and amphibian groups. Especially taxonomy and zoogeography
David Horner
Nina House
0University and Jepson Herbaria
Frank T. Hovore
14Essig Museum of Entomology, Res. Assoc. / Entomology: Coleoptera: Cerambycidae, Pleocomidae; Southern California geneal natural history; fire ecology.
Ann Howald
0California Native Plant Society / CA plants, esp. Central and North Coasts, Eastern Sierra.
Mandy Howe
24Araneae (spiders) taxonomy/identification.
Fred Hrusa
77Calif. Dept. Food & Agriculture / Calif. Flora, weeds, invasives
Lisa Hug
0self- employed naturalist / birds and butterflies
Adam Huttenlocker
2University of Colorado, Boulder / Mammal-like reptiles and other Permo-Triassic tetrapods
Jake M Hutton
1Southeastern US salamanders, aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates.
Kate Huxster
4U.S. Geological Survey / California: San Joaquin Valley, Sierra Nevada Foothills, Transverse Ranges, Carrizo National Monument, San Francisco Bay Area, Bodega Marine Reserve, Mojave Desert
Nevada: Gold Butte and Southern Nevada Mojave Desert ecoregion
Cheryl Huxted
0City of Waterloo
Angela Hyder
1Western Riverside County MSHCP Monitoring Program / Butterflies(espicially Euphydryas editha quino), birds, riparian areas, amphibians, mammals, and plants.
David Imper
2USFWS / North Coast rare plants
Melissa Islam
1Denver Botanic Gardens
Timothy D. Ives
24CalFlora contributing photographer / My main area of expertise is in the coniferous and hardwood trees of N. CA, especially interested and learned in rare trees that have disjunct stands in CA, and rare trees that are endemic to CA.
Dora Jakobsdottir
3650Curator Reykjavik Botanic Garden, now retired / Various temperate plant families, especially plants cultivated in gardens
Lawrence Janeway
2The Chico State Herbarium / Northern California flora; Cyperaceae esp. Carex.
Girish Janney
6Amphibian Research Laboratory,Kuvempu University,Shimoga,Karnataka,INDIA / Habitat and population ecology of Amphibians
Kas Janssen
0Wageningen University and Research / Centrolenidae, Hylidae, Dendrobatidae, amphibians in Europe and Latin America.
Peter Janzen
Andres Felipe Jaramillo
Nicholas Jensen
1California Native Plant Society / Sierra Nevada Foothills, alpine Sierra flora
Nina Jimerson-Kidd
0kidd biological, Inc / Coastal sage scrub species, Riversidean alluvial fan sage scrub habitats
Leigh Johnson
69Brigham Young University / Polemoniaceae taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships
Paul Johnson
11NPS, Pinnacles National Monument
Laurel Johnston
2California Polytechnic State University / senior project restoring the rare native species Calystegia subacaulis ssp.episcopalis
Diana Jolles
8Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden / Monotropoideae, Ericaceae
Hugh Jones
1Natural History Museum, London / Land planarians
Andy Jones
Michael Jones
8Chico Hiking Association, UCSF DDS 1989 / showy flowers Butte County, Tehama County
Hannah Kang
2ECORP Consulting Inc, CNPS.
Sanjaya Kanishka
1Asian Snakes
Michael Kauffmann
Jon E. Keeley
0California Native Plant Society / Fire ecology, plant physiology
David Keil
72California Polytechnic State University / Asteraceae, Flora of San Luis Obispo County
Dean Kelch
3Jepson Herbarium, UC Berkeley / Seed plant phylogeny, especially conifers and thistles
Ron Kelley
3Eastern Oregon University / N. Am. Boraginaceae, especially Amsinckia, Cryptantha, Hackelia, Lithospermum, and Plagiobothrys, and student of old world Boraginaceae
Tass Kelso
3Colorado College / Primulaceae, Flora of Alaska and Colorado
Ed Kentner
8Independent consultant / Population and evolutionary genetics, vegetation ecology. Avid student of the California flora, with special interest in the Poaceae.
Al Keuter
46Independent / Generalist
Julie Kierstead
73US Forest Service, California Native Plant Society / vascular plants of western U.S., especially Oregon & NW California
Joern Koehler
12Amphibians of Bolivia, Peru, Madagascar. Reptiles of Madagascar.
Oliver Komar
2SalvaNATURA, El Salvador
Michelle Koo
28Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
Diogo Koski
0AEV/FAESA - Educational Association of Victoria / Taxonomy and Ecology of Amphibians and Reptiles
Neal Kramer
6Kramer Botanical
Herman Kremer
Hari Krishnan
1Wildlife Institute of India / Herpetology
Rémi Ksas
2Latoxan / Colubridae, Viperidae, especially species of south america.
Brian Kubicki
6Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center
Ronald Kushner
18Morning Glory Forum Group at Cubits and Facebook ,Vines at Gardenweb, Morning Glory Forum at Davesgarden(formerly) / Convolvulaceae
Tony LaBanca
7California Department of Fish & Game
Jennifer Lamb
1University of Southern Mississippi
Anne Lancaster
2Director, TortoiseAid International / Animals and plants of the Mojave Desert.
Tobias Landberg
0University of COonnecticut / salamanders & turtles
Urs Landergott
5Flora of the European Alps
Lovell & Libby Langstroth
1Marine Invertebrates
Ronald Lanner
67Institute of Forest Genetics / Morphology, genetics, ecology, physiology of western U.S. conifers, mainly Pinus.
Travis Lawrence
0CSU Sacramento
Lucinda Lawson
0University of Cincinnati / Primarily African Hyperoliidae, other African amphibians, and some experience in North American amphibians.
Jonathan Lee
6Flora of the North Coast and redwood forest ecology.
Gregory Lee
0California native Plant Society; U. of Utah / Phacelia Humiles group
Twan Leenders
6Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History / Central American herpetofauna, West African herpetofauna
William Leonard
2Amphibians, terrestrial mollusks, and diplopods of the Pacific Northwest
Justy Leppert
Larry Levine
3California Native Plant Society / (generalist, plants of northern CA)
Stephen E. Lew
8UC Berkeley / Araneae
Max Licher
0Deaver Herbarium (ASC) Northern Arizona Univ, AZ / Cyperaceae
1Botanic Garden Uppsala University / Fumariaceae (all genera); Dionysia (Primulaceae)
Phil Liff-Grieff
1Pacific Conchological Club & LA County Natural History Museum, Dept. of Malacology (volunteer research associate) / shelled mollusks- primarily terrestrial but also marine (mostly gastropods)- emphasis on West Coast of US
Thomas Linkous
1Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves
Leslie Lipton
1Theodore Payne Foundation / flora and fauna of Central Oak Woodland (Tehachapi mtn. foothills)
John Little
5Violaceae of North America including Viola and Hybanthus. Floristics of CA, OR, NV, AZ, ID, CO, UT.
Alfonso Llamas Saíz
2Gestión Ambiental Viveros y Repoblaciones de Navarra / Rana pyrenaica:
Llamas A, Martínez-Gil O, Arribas O (1998). Rana pyrenaica, a new species for the French herpetofauna. Boletín de la Asociación Herpetológica Española, 9, 12-13.
A. Llamas Saíz & O.R. Martínez Gil (2005) Distribución de Rana pirenaica (Rana pyrenaica) en Navarra, nuevos límites occidentales y cota mínima para la especie. Bol Asoc Herpetol Esp 15(2):66-68
Belinda Lo
44U.S. Forest Service
Scott Loarie
1California Academy of Sicences
Michael C. Long
3California Native Plant Soc., Pasadena Audubon Soc. / Birds, Vascular Plants, Reptiles and Amphibians.
Eric LoPresti
Kay Loughman
151North American Birds
Benjamin Lowe
1University of Minnesota / Evolutionary zoologist, with special interest in herps, but also North American tetrapods and angiosperms.
Stephen Lowens
20California Native Plant Society / calochortus
Mario Lutz
19Reptile Conservation Society of the Philippines / reptiles of the Philippines
Catherine H. MacGregor
Mary Ann Machi
Cinda MacKinnon
0CNPS / native wildflowers, esp. Coast Ranges
Thomas Madsen
2Graduate student in the Mishler Lab, Jepson Herbarium and the University Herbarium, UC Berkeley
Meredith Mahoney
4Amphibians and reptiles.
Louis Emmet Mahoney
11Principal credentials in tropical medicine and public health, with about 60 publications in parasitology, epidemiology, and public health policy. Incidental experience in botany of arid areas.
Stephen Mahony
2University College Dublin and University of Delhi
Joey Malone
1Cupressus Conservation Project
Dave Mangham
16U.K. Nature Photographer
Timothy Manolis
1Odonata, Aves
Guilhem Mansion
49University of Zurich / Gentianaceae
Mediterranean flora

Staci Markos
47Jepson Herbarium, UC Berkeley
Philip Marshall
Penn Martin II
4private photographer / flowering plants of the Mt Shasta bioregion
Steve Matson
34CNPS /
Werner Mayer
0Vienna Natural History Museum
Dominic Maze
0City of Portland
Scott McAdams
0Arizona State University / Vertabtrates of Arizona, Wildlife habitat analysis postfire, GIS applications
Stephen Ward McCabe
11UC Santa Cruz Arboretum / Dudleya
Patrick McConnell
2CNPS / Plants of southern California
MaryAnn McCrary
0Caltrans (habitat mitigation) / vernal pool plant ID. There are some errors in Cal Flora photos that do not require deep experience to catch. I should think any help in this regard is a good thing.
Gary McDonald
32Long Marine Lab (retired) / Nudibranchs and other California intertidal inverts.
Karen McDonald
0Zebra identification & other equid identification both extant and extinct
Terry McIntosh
0University of British Columbia / Pottiaceae, Mniaceae, Grimmiaceae, general other mossses
Kipp McMichael
18CNPS / Marah, Chlorogalum, bulbs and geophytes
Dale McNeal
0University of the Pacific
Richard McNeill
0NPS / Aipiaceae, Alpine, Desert, Unusual geology
Kale McNeill
54California Native Plant Society
Mark Melton
Mark Mendelsohn
3National Park Service / flora of southern California, specifically the Santa Monica Mountains and Simi Hills
Joseph Mendelson
3Zoo Atlanta / Specialty: Systematics of Neotropical anurans.
Juergen Menzel
1San Diego Cactus & Succulent Society / Cactaceae
Kevin Merk
1Rincon Consultants, Inc.; CNPS; CBS; SERCAL / vascular and non-vascular plants, fungi, lichen in the following floristic provinces: NCo, NCoRO, CCo, SnFrB, SCoRO, SCoRI, WTR and SCo
Michael Mesler
4Humboldt State University / Asarum, Ribes, pollination ecology
Tim Messick
1Vascular plants of the Bodie Hills, Mono County, Central Sierra Nevada, and western Great Basin.
Valerie Metscher
2Southern Great Basin Shrubs.
Charlie Miksicek
0Missouri Botanical Garden - Research Associate / Currently I am most interested in Hordeum pusillum, and I have noticed many of the photos of putative pusillum in CalPhotos and iNaturalist are most likely H murinum.
Brent Miller
Jesse Miller
2U.C. Davis botany tech
John Miller
0University of California, Berkeley / Claytonia
John M. Miller
0University of California, Berkeley / Montiaceae
Timothy Milliken
10California Ecologist
Sarah Minnick
0Marin County plants, particularly those found in wetlands, coastal dunes, and serpentine grasslands.
Donald Mitchell
2Birds, particularly hummingbirds, and ornithophilous plants
Benjamin Monod-Broca
Gary Monroe
1California Native Plant Society
Melissa Mooney
0CA Native Plant Society / Botany of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties; Poaceae
Randy Moore
1Oregon State University / Ornithology, Cons. Bio.
Bruno Gildo Morales
0Fundação Universidade Federal de Rondônia / Brazilian and Amazonian anurans.
Virginia Moran
5fondness for grasses
James Morefield
367Nevada Natural Heritage Program / generally familiar with the vascular plants of the desert southwest and surrounding mountains, expertise with the White Mountains of CA-NV and adjacent areas, and with rare plants of Nevada and the Great Basin; expertise with Asteraceae; wrote the Jepson Manual treatments for the genera Ancistrocarphus, Chaenactis, Filago, Hesperevax, Micropus, Psilocarphus, and Stylocline.
Randall Morgan
1002CNPS / plant systematics and field botany: specialized 10+ years in Piperia, 18 years to date in Trifolium
Nancy Morin
244Flora of North America / Campanulaceae.
Joseph Morlan
2City College of San Francisco / Ornithology
Tony Morosco
56CalFlora Database / California floristics, herbaceous dicots
keir morse
456Plants of Pinnacles National Monument.
Bill Moses
Daniel Mosquin
2UBC Botanical Garden
Margie Mulligan
Greta Murdoff
James murphy
3Long Beach City College/SC Botanists / Desert Natural History
Jerry L. Murray
1Seed Connoiseur - private native plant grower / Focus on growing terrestrial floral species using various growth enhancers to promote flowering maturity, particularly Liliaceae - Lilium. CalPhotos contributor.
Lech Naumovich
0Golden Hour Restoration Institute
Nathan Nazdrowicz
9Herpetology, University of Delaware
Lois Neff
0Northern Arizona University / Nemacladus
John B. Nelson
2Univ of SC Herbarium / Stachys (Lamiaceae); plants of southeastern USA
Andrew Nelson
2New York Flora Association / Flora of Central New York State.
Kristen Nelson
0California Native Plant Society / Rare and invasive species; central coast/desert region.
Dylan Neubauer
0California Native Plant Society
Joe Newsome
5San Diego State University / Southern California Herpetofauna, Lizards, Geckos (especially those of the Pacific)
Nhu Nguyen
1UC Berkeley / Themidaceae, Alliaceae, entomology, mycology.
Bonnie Nickel
0California Native Plant Society-San Diego Chapter
Roy Nielsen
Robert Nixon
3GSRC / Herpetofauna of the southwest US and Mexico
Bradford Norman
10Aquatic Resource Specialists / Terrestrial mollusks, fisheries, herpetology.
Robert F Norris
3UC Davis / Weedy plant species in the Western USA and England, also the genus Carex and the Orchidaceae.
Jessica O'Brien
13California Botanist / Northern CA conifer forest flora and rare plants.
Ryan O'Dell
418Bureau of Land Management / Serpentine ecology
Graeme C. O'Neill
0Australian Native Plant Society
Annemarie Ohler
0MNHN / specialist of Ranids and Megophryids, Oriental amphibiens
Vide Ohlin
0Grodkollen / Caudata
Renan Oliveira
Richard Olmstead
7University of Washington / Flora of western North America with emphasis on families in Asteridae; Ph.D. on Scutellaria (Lamiaceae)
Antonia Pachmann
Ross Padilla
2private / Southern California herps.
Jade Paget-Seekins
1Humboldt State University
Angela Pai
0California Native Plant Society / Rare plants
Kai Palenscar
2University of California, Riverside / Invasive vascular plants of s. California.
Michael Park
11Jepson and University Herbaria, University of CA / Eryngium (Apiaceae), Collinsia (Plantaginaceae), flora of California, esp. the Coast Ranges.
Ivan Parr
0California flora and fauna; New Zealand and South African flora and fauna; island bio geography; endemism and world biological hotspots
Robert Patterson
23San Francisco State University / Polemoniaceae, Hydrophyllaceae, CA flora
Lorah Patterson
2Great Basin Institute
James L. Patton
1Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
Jean Pawek
Pedro Peloso
Ruth Percino Daniel
Jason Perez
0Maritime chapparal plant communities. Invasive weeds.
Bill Peterman
2University of Missouri / Salamanders of the central and southern Appalachians
Michael Peters
2U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service / Waterfowl, wetalnds habitat management.
Casey B. Peters
Jean Petitbon
1Poaceae and common tropical plants
Daniela Pica
0Università Politecnica delle Marche (ITALY) /

Martin Pickersgill
30None, particularly / Particularly southern/eastern African anurans, and especially Afrixalus, Phrynobatrachus.
Kurt Pickett
1University of Vermont / Hymenoptera, especially Vespidae; vespid taxonomy
Todd Pierson
22Amphibians, especially plethodontid salamanders
Paulo Pinheiro
J. Mark Porter
6Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden / Polemoniaceae, Cactaceae, Astragalus, Eriogonum.
Daniel Portik
3University of Texas at Arlington / African reptiles and amphibians
Robert E. Preston
151Jones & Stokes / Brassicaceae; Asteraceae (tarweeds and spikeweeds); Eryngium; vernal pool flora; Central Valley flora; rare and endangered species
Robert A. Price
2California Department of Food and Agriculture / Brassicaceae, conifers
Niels Proctor
2University of California at Davis / native plants of Oregon, landscaping plants of Oregon and California
Donald Prothero
3Occidental College, Caltech / Published expertise in fossil rhinos (definitive monograph, 2005), camels, horses, oreodonts and many other ungulates
Mitchell Provance
0UCR Herbarium / Diospyros (Ebenaceae), species circumscription, Southern California botany, plant domestication
Bill Puleloa
0State of Hawaii, Div. of Aquatic Resources / Lived in Micronesia for 10 years.
Fisheries Officer of the Marshall Islands.
Martin Purdy
1California Botanic Garden / Sierra Nevada and eastern Sierra Nevada vascular plants with a particular focus and interest in alpine species.
Mike Quinn
0Insects, mostly beetles, leps, and hemips
Stephen Rae
3MUSCI Natural Resource Assessment / E/T/R CA native vascular plants and mosses, especially in north Coast Ranges and Sierra Nevada
Jacques Ranger
Sarah Ratay
0UCLA / Plants of the Channel Islands, some experience thoughout California
Richard Reaves
1Georgia Botanical Society, Wyoming Native Plant Society, Southern Appalachian Botanical Society / generally Dicots with focus on herbaceous plants of forested regions.
Jon Rebman
56San Diego Natural History Museum / Baja California flora, southern California flora, Cactaceae
Davis Redmond
1Bureau of Land Management
Wende Rehlaender
7National Park Service
Ryan L. Rehmeier
11Division of Biology, Kansas State University / mammals of Great Plains
Maralyn Renner
4California Native Plant Society; The Pacific Lumber Company / Rare plants of northern California, plants of serpentine soils (especially the Josephine formation), Trillium, woody plants.
Gretchen Renshaw
1UCLA Extension Horticulture
James L. Reveal
10Plant systematics, taxonomy of Polygonaceae subfam. Eriogonoideae, botanical nomenclature, and history of botanical explorations and discovery.
Thomas Reyes
Barry Rice
4International Carnivorous Plant Society / Sarraceniaceae, Lentibulariaceae, Droseraceae
Casey Richart
4Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife / Terrestrial slugs and snails of western Washington
Eric N Rittmeyer
12Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science / Herpetology
Mauricio Rivera-Correa
5Asociación Colombiana de Herpetología / Hylidae, Terrarana
Fred Roberts
0California Native Plant Society / Floras or Orange and Western Riverside Counties, oaks, dudleyas, lilies and their relatives, rare plants of SOuthern California.
Claudia Rocha-Campos
19Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, RS - Brazil / Pinnipedia - Phocidae (Southern elephant seals, Mirounga leonina, from Elephant Seal Isl., Antarctica).
Ariel Rodríguez
1Instituto de Ecología y Sistemática / Cuban Amphibians
Daniel A. Rodríguez
0Museum of Natural History, The University National Mayor de San Marcos / Amphibians and Reptiles
Luis Alejandro Rodriguez J.
3Serpientes de Venezuela / Snakes of Venezuela
Cindy Roessler
0Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District / Oaks, grasses, invasive weeds of San Francisco Bay Region.
Michele Roman
Santiago Ron
2Museo de Zoología, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador / Evolutionary Biology, Herpetology
Jacqueline Rose
3Cal Poly SLO
Lars Rosengreen
6San Jose State University / Polemoniaceae (Leptosiphon)
phillip roullard
3Tijuana River Natl. Estuarine Research Reserve / Salt marsh wetlands
Sean Rovito
28Museum of Vertebrate Zoology / Neotropical Plethodontidae, California plethodontids
Oleksandr Rudyk
0Museum of Natural History of Kharkiv National University, Ukraine / Lacerta s.str. all 9 species and most of ssp.
Amelia Ryan
66Point Reyes National Seashore / Central/Northern California wetland species
Paddy Ryan
1Johnson & Wales University / Fish
Jose Salgado
0National University of Mexico / Invertebrates
Sunny Saroa
Kathleen Sayce
2ShoreBank Pacific / Pacific Northwest coastal ecology
Daniel Scantlebury
2University of Texas at Austin / geckos
Hanno Schaefer
1Systematic Botany, University of Munich, Germany / Cucurbitaceae
Vince Scheidt
H. Jochen Schenk
2California State University Fullerton / plants of southern California, Chemopodiaceae (esp. Suaeda)
John Schenk
3Washington State University
Mark Scherz
3Zoologische Staatssammlung München / Herpetofauna of Madagascar
Andreas S. Schillert
Wulf Schleip
Karl H. Schmidt
0Apiaceae (Thesis), collection/identification of Apiaceae in/from Europe, SW-Asia, SE-Africa, C-America,
description of two Tornabenea-species from Cape Verde island together with W. Lobin from Bonn University
Steve Schoenig
79California Department of Fish & Game / Mimulus
Sean Schoville
2UC Berkeley / California insects; amphibians.
Michael A. Schroeder
1Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife / Birds
Franz Schuhwerk
2Botanische Staatssammlung München / Hieracium
Lisa Schultheis
4UC Berkeley
Aaron Schusteff
110Member of California Native Plant Society / Generalist
Adam Searcy
12Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology
Christopher Sears
12University of British Columbia / North American Crepis agamic complex, Platanthera, and Polystichum.
José M. Serrano
1UNAM / Mexico
Sarab Seth
0UC Botanical Garden, Berkeley (volunteer) / Butterflies
Arthur M. Shapiro
1U.C.Davis / Butterflies; Brassicaceae
Alison Sheehey
2Nature Ali / Kern County exotic species, sciurids, carnivores, birds, and lizards. Photographing and/or illustrating wildlife for website.
Glenn W.K. Shelton
0Humboldt State University, Departmet of Biological Sciences / Currently, Trifolium longipes in northern California
Lynn Sherman
1California Native Plant Society, American Society of Plant Taxonomists, Los Angeles Mycological Society / experienced at vascular plant and mycological identification, east coast and southern California
Chintan Sheth
Nicole Shorey
2AMEC Earth & Environmental / surveys for birds, reptiles, and terrestrial arthropods
Mary Ann Showers
224California Native Plant Society; California Department of Fish and Game / Alpine species,including Silene suksdorfii; arid land revegetation.
Carl N. Shuster, Jr.
0Virginia Institute of Marine Science / Internationallly recognized as a leading authority of the natural history and ecology of the American horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus.
Noah Siegel
16Boletes, Lactarius, Hygrophoraceae,
Walter Siegmund
0Washington Native Plant Society
Dave Silverman
10desert plants
Adrienne Simmons
4Mrs. / The flora of the North Coast of California, the flora of the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, and Northern Minnesota.
Scott Simono
5UC Jepson Herbarium / California Flora
Nicholas Simpson
1Kansas State University / Dictyophora, Lysurus/Mutinus Complex, Fungal Systematics
Michael G. Simpson
3San Diego State University / Plants of San Diego County, California. Boraginaceae, especially Cryptantha.
Aaron Sims
0California Native Plant Society / Rare, threatened, or endangered plants of California.
Cristian J. Singer
1Capable of the accurate identification of the flora of California. Particulary interested in grasses and sedges. Work experience: Mojave Vegetation Mapping Project (1997-1998,USGS); Yosemite Vegetation Mapping Project (1999, The Nature Conservancy in coordination with the National Park Service); state-wide meadow sampling requiring accurate identification of grasses, sedges, rushes, etc. (USFS, 2000-2001); Rare Plant Botanist (seasonal) Lassen National Forest (2002). Extensive experience (2003-2005) as botanist in private industry. Currently working throughout California and contiguous regions conducting rare plant surveys, vegetation mapping, etc.
Robert Sivinski
1NM Forestry Division / Flora of Colorado Plateau, northern Chihuahuan Desert and southern Rocky Mountains.
Mark Skinner
11USDA NRCS National Plant Data Center / Liliaceae, Lilium, rare plants, etc.
Doreen Smith
223Calif. Native. Plant Society / Rare Plants of Marin County and many other spp.there.
Matt Smith
0UK Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society / UK Aculeate hymenoptera
Sean B. Smith
1National Park Service; Southern Oregon University
Darren Smy
3Vancouver Aquarium
Daria Snider
2Gibson & Skordal / Most experienced with the flora of the Sacramento Valley and foothills of the northern Sierra Nevada, but have also spent quite a bit of time in the Mojave, Coastal Sage Scrub in the LA Basin (Chino Hills, etc), San Francisco Bay Area, and the higher Sierra.
Daria Snider
0Gibson & Skordal / Most experienced with the flora of the Sacramento Valley and foothills of the northern Sierra Nevada, but have also spent quite a bit of time in the Mojave, Coastal Sage Scrub in the LA Basin (Chino Hills, etc), San Francisco Bay Area, and the higher Sierra.
Sheri Sohlstrom (Etchemendy)
11Oregon State University, Zoology Dept. / marine invertebrates
Mirco Sole
8University of Tübingen / Leptodactylidae (Leptodactylus, Physalaemus, Odontophrynus, Adenomera, Eleutherodactylus, Hylodes, Limnomedusa, Proceratophrys), Hylidae (Hyla, Scinax, Aplastodicus, Phrynohyas, Lysapsus, Pseudis), Microhylidae (Elachistocleis), Bufonidae (Bufo, Melanophryniscus)
Becca Sonday
2Yosemite National Park, University of Michigan / Woody plants of the Northeastern United States and Midwest, Vines of the United States
Sanjay Sondhi
0Titli Trust / Herpetofauna taxonomy. Lepidoptera.
Naomi Sorbet
0Point Reyes National Seashore Association / Terrestrial dicots, especially native plants of the Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges
John Sorenson
17Lamiaceae (Monardella, Stachys)
Asa Spade
0Rare plants and invasive non-natives on Mendocino County coast.
Richard Spellenberg
2New Mexico State University / Western flora, Astragalus, Nyctaginaceae, Quercus
Stanley Spencer
1American Society of Plant Taxonomists / Southern California plants; Navarretia.
Richard Spjut
5World Botanical Associates / Trees and shrubs of Kern County, Taxus, Niebla, Vermilacinia, fruit types.
Achyuthan Srikanthan
0Reptiles and Amphibians
Cara Stafford
0California State Parks
Forest & Kim Starr
1United States Geological Survey - Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii / Plants of Hawaii
John Stebbins
4California Native Plant Society / Extensive experience with central valley and Sierran flora.
Dale Steele
2Calif. Dept Transportation / As described on web site, I am a researcher of mt. beaver ecology & distribution. I am a wildlife ecologist with many years of experience in California.
Robert Steers
10UC Riverside / Most comfortable with southern Coast Range, southern California Mountains, and desert regions around JTNP.
Ray Stephenson
66Sedum Society / Kew referee for Sedum & close relatives.
Brett Stormoen
0National Park Service Inventory & Monitoring
Thomas Stoughton
132US Forest Service / weeds, Southern California flora
Jeffrey Streicher
1Natural History Museum, London / Amphibians and Reptiles
Lew Stringer
0Presidio Trust / Botany, Restoration Ecology, Project Management
Christopher Stumpf
1Geographic Resource Solutions / Trees of northern California
Prem Subrahmanyam
1Florida Native Plant Society / Florida native orchids, other botanical members of the same community.
Javier Sunyer
2Senckenber Museum / Amphibians and reptiles from Nicaragua
Amber Swanson
2CNPS / Desert Flora
Katie Swanson
0many native and nonnative plants in and around Monterey and San Benito Counties.
Theresa S. Talley
1University of California / wetland and riparian ecology
Adonis ('Don') Tate
63night driving, off-trail hiking, creek-walking by day and night
Dean Taylor
89UC/JEPS / Dean's research interests center in the realm of floristics of California and alpine regions of North America, the conservation of endangered plants, Streptanthus (Brassicaceae), and Carex of California (Cyperaceae).
John Taylor
36US Fish & Wildlife Service / Threatened & Endangered species of California
Gosliner Terrence
0California Academy of Sciences / marine invertebrates, plant identifications
Tim Thomas
24California Native Plant Society / Mostly southern CA; Floristic inventories; Central Coast, Channel Islands, Santa Monica Mountains, Mojave desert, southern high Sierra Nevada; SE AZ
Steve Thorsted
Robert Thurston
1Zoological Society of San Diego / Temperate palms; Scrophulariaceae (Penstemon); Flora of Rock Creek (Eastern Sierra)
William L. Tietjen
0GSWSU Biology Dept / Invertebrate zoology, spider research, freshwater invertebrates.
James Tietz
0Point Blue Conservation Science / Ribes, Ceanothus
Stephen G. Tilley
0Department of Biological Sciences at Smith College, Northampton, MA / Amphibians and reptiles.
Boris I. Timofeev
1Russian Caudata Group / Salamandridae, Hynobiidae.
David G. Todd
Peggy Tolleson
1French Mycological Society / strictly very experiened amateur mycologist
Simon J. Tonge
10716Reptiles, birds
Pepper W. Trail
1U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service / Birds, especially North America and the Neotropics.
Chris Trask
0Sonoran Botanical Research / Central, southcentral, westcentral, and southwest Arizona.
Cynthia Trowbridge
34Oregon State University / sacoglossan opisthobranchs
Thayne Tuason
John Tucker
0Illinois Natural History Survey / Conoidean and Turroidean gastropods
Kathryn Turner
3Colorado State University / Annual plants introduced to/invasive in North America
Evan Twomey
2East Carolina University / Ranitomeya, Ameerega, Dendrobates, Dendrobatinae, Excidobates
Ken-ichi Ueda / Moderate experience with vascular plants, herpetofauna, birds, and opisthobranchs of the SF Bay Area and New England. Eagerly learning about fungi, bryophytes, and arthropods of the SF Bay Area.
Ellen Uhler
0Flora of the Central Coast and alpine Central Sierra Nevada. I am very challenged by Carex section Ovales.
Jean-Pierre Vacher
1Laboratoire Evolution et Diversité Biologique / amphibians of Central european floodplains; frogs of French Guiana and Suriname.
Alejandro Valencia
Debra Valov
24flora of Central and Southern Baja California
Bruce Van Deuson
1Federation of Fly Fishers / Teach entomology of stream insects at fly fishing schools and seminars.
Judith van Dommelen
5European Birds, European terrestrial orchids especially central and southern Europe and Central african birds
Rob W.M. Van Soest
20Zoological Museum Amsterdam / all Demospongiae (one of three classes of sponges)
Eric Vanderduys
2Australian fauna, especially from Queensland. Most interested in reptiles and amphibians.
Valerie Vartanian
0Naval Base Ventura County / Spend much time botanizing in Mojave desert and chaparral. In my current position I manage and restore coastal wetlands (salt marsh habitats). I also have background and field experience in Southern California mammals (especially Mohave Ground Squirrels), birds, herps, some insects, tidal habitats.
pete veilleux
23cnps & east bay wilds / growing unusual and difficult native plants.
Else C. Vellinga
18UCBerkeley, Dept Plant and Microbial Biology, Bruns Lab / Agaricales, especially Agaricaceae and Pluteaceae
Miguel Vences
Benjamin Victor
0Ocean science Foundation / coral reef fishes, Caribbean, E. Pacific, larvae, otoliths, DNA barcoding
Debbie Viess
36Bay Area Mycological Society / Amanitas, mushrooms of California, California birds, Natural History of Huckleberry Botanical Preserve.
Cedrick Villasenor
0CNPS. CA Botanical Society, Southern CA Botanists, American Bryological and Lichenological Society, CA Invasive Plant Council. / I have worked extensively with the vascular flora of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Kern, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties. I also have been collecting and identifying Bryophytes and Lichens for several years.
Michael A. Vincent
4Miami University, Oxford, OH / New Owlrd flora, esp. Fabaceae
Warren Wagner
27Smithsonian Institution / Onagraceae and Pacific Island angiosperms
David Wagner
23Herbaria of Oregon State University and University of California, Berkeley / ferns, mosses, and liverworts of Oregon, Washington, and California (in order of area best known)
Chris Wagner
2US Forest Service / Specialist in non-vascular plants and lichens, besides botany of course.
Philipp Wagner
5Museum A. Koenig
David Wake
10Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley / Amphibians
Genevieve K. Walden
9San Francisco State University / Hydrophyllaceae
Floyd Waller
3retired / Poaceae, Cactceae
Peyton Walton
1Succulent Euphorbiaceae, Liliaceae, Crassulaceae, Asphodelaceae, etc.
N. Misa Ward
2California Native Plant Society
Aaron Ware
3Rainforestflora Inc. / Exotic Succulents
Dee E. Warenycia
8Early in her working life, Dee was employed first as a Sacramento County Parks ranger, then as a California State Park Ranger. For the last 27 years of her working life, she was employed as a Wildlife Biologist for the California Department of Fish & Game.
Karen Warkentin
3Boston University / Amphibians, early life stages. Neotropics, North America.
Peter J. Warner
Nick Waters
4Ecology of Herpetofauna
D. Robert A. Watson
4independent / Expertise in Datura taxonomy: Published new species Datura arenicola in Madrono 60(3): 217-228, 2013.
Dora Waumann_Rojas
0Universidad Autonoma de Baja California / Intertidal Marine Gasteropods.
Kjirsten A. Wayman
9Humboldt State University / Plants of Northwest California
David Werier
Rachel Werling
2Oregon State University / Southern Oregon vascular botany and general natural history, riparian ecology.
Rick Westcott
1Oregon Department of Agriculture / Coleoptera: Buprestidae. Primary research interest in Mexico and the U.S.
Margriet Wetherwax
49Jepson Herbarium / Scrophulariaceae, Plantaginaceae, and Orobanchaceae. Responsible for revision of several families for 2nd edition Jepson Manual.
John White
13amphibians and reptiles
Scott White
5Scott White Biological Consulting / southern California, esp. Riverside and San Bernardino Cos.
Raymond R. White
1Euphydryas biology
Kellie Whittaker
41UC Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology / Amphibians
Corey Wickliffe
7Members of the family dendrobatidate, members of the genus Atelopus, and members of the genus Mantella.
Mary Wicksten
1Texas A&M University / Decapod crustaceans
Dieter Wilken
12Santa Barbara Botanic Garden / Polemoniaceae (esp. Ipomopsis, Collomia), Hulsea, Ceanothus, floristics of central coast region
Kip Will
2UC, Berkeley / Insect Systematics
Andrea Williams
42Good with grasses, northern CA plants
Linda Willis
3Calif. Native Plant Society / Santa Cruz county vascular plants. Cultivated California natives.
Margaret Willits
1Stanislaus NF retired / plants of the Mi-Wok and Summit Ranger Districts
Barbara L. Wilson
7Carex Working Group / Carex, Festuca, grasses, sedges, Sedum
Jeffrey Wilson
3USDA-ARS / Pearl millet breeding, genetics, pathology.
Nathan Wilson
1Marine Biological Laboratory / Macrofungi and biodiversity informatics.
Chris Winchell
1Asteraceae, Atriplex(annual), Apiaceae, Onagraceae.
Michael D. Windham
0Duke University
Hartmut Wisch
7CNPS,San Gabriel Mountains Ch.
Carl Wishner
2Carl Wishner Biologist / Botany (vascular plants, bryology, mycology), Biology (amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals).
Carol w. Witham
23Central Valley vernal pools and east slope Great Basin.
Kai-Erik Witte
Ron Wolf
2Birds, wildflowers and fungi of Northern California, creatures of the Pacific intertidal zone.
Keith Wolfe
11Caterpillars of Papilionidae, Pieridae, and Nymphalidae (s.l.) worldwide and their hostplant utilization.
David Wolfson
Eric Wrubel
10National Park Service, San Francisco State University / Bay Area floristics, Poales
Wolfgang Wuster
16University of Wales Bangor / Serpentes: Elapidae, Viperidae, Colubridae
Eugene Yates
0USDA Forest Service / Vascular plants of eastern Oregon,in particular the Blue and Wallowa Mountains.
Dana York
31California Native Plant Society / Vascualr and some bryophytes.
Elizabeth Zacharias
100Harvard University Herbaria / Atriplex
Djibo Zanzot
1Plant Pathology- U C Davis / Forest Pathology, Mycology
Scott Zona
6Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden / Palms; tropical ornamentals
Domingo Zungri
4Pacific Coast Entomological Society / Bumble bees of California's Central Valley.
Jordan Zylstra

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