Dr. Amadej Trnkoczy
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Born in 1943 in Ljubljana, Slovenia EC. I graduated at the University of Ljubljana in electronic engineering. The topics of my PhD was bio-mechanical engineering. I had researched in the field of biocybernetics for 15 years before I switched to geophysics. Working on large seismological projects I've traveled 45 countries on five continents. Nature's beauty, particularly of plant life, has always been my love and admiration. I am retired and presently live in Trenta valley situated in the heart of Julian Alps, northwest Slovenia. My other interests have been music, books, photography and mountaineering. I am deeply indebted to several people who have been unselfish sources of knowledge about nature for me, helping me by identifying species on my photos and led me to or instruct me about stands of rare and interesting plants, which I would never be able to find by myself. I wish to express special gratitude to dr. Igor Dakskobler, dr. Branko Vreš, prof.dr. Nejc Jogan and prof.dr. Tone Wraber (botany), Mr. Branko Dolinar (Orchids), prof.dr. Ronald Lanner (Conifers), Mr. Gregor Podgornik, Mr. Anton Poler and Mr. Bojan Rot (Fungi), Mrs. Sanja Behrič (Myxomycota) and dr. Bojan Zadravc (Lepidoptera). Thanks to all.
Special interests: Plant, fungi and lichen world of west Slovenia and surrounding regions from north Adriatic Sea to Julian Alps - a small region, but with exceptional biodiversity and rich mixture of alpine, submediterranean and Dinaric elements.
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