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Photo ID: 9189 3301 3553 0080
Current Taxon: Mimulus aurantiacus
Photographer: Robert Potts
Date of photo: 1968-08-10
Photographer's ID: Mimulus clevelandii
Photo Submitted: 2001-02-18
Annotations: 2 annotations

Photo ©2001 California Academy of Sciences

Annotation History

Date Name Action Plant Name Before Changes Plant Name Changed to
Annotation Notes
10/23/2001 Paul M. Beardsley  taxon changed Mimulus clevelandii Mimulus aurantiacus (Sticky Monkeyflower)
The corolla color and woodiness of this individual clearly identify it as M. aurantiacus and not M. clevelandii
06/20/2004 Dora Jakobsdottir  taxon changed Mimulus aurantiacus Diplacus aurantiacus (Orange Bush Monkeyflower)
Synonym updated. 

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