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Photo ID: 9189 3301 3553 0048
Current Taxon: Carlowrightia arizonica
Photographer: Robert Potts
Date of photo: 1973-05-21
Location: United States, AZ, Madera Canyon
Photographer's ID: Unknown
Photo Submitted: 2001-02-18
Annotations: 4 annotations

Photo ©2001 California Academy of Sciences

Annotation History

Date Name Action Plant Name Before Changes Plant Name Changed to
Annotation Notes
11/19/2006 Patrick Alexander  taxon changed Unknown Polygala sp.
I don't know the CA species... 
04/28/2011 Lee Dittmann  comment Polygala sp.
There is a Madera Canyon in southern Arizona, and I suspect this image is from there, not a canyon of the same name in California. I assert this because I just viewed a days-old image by a southern Arizona resident of the same, uncertain species taken in that region, and there is little overlap in floras between that area and the Madera County, California region (most of that overlap surely of weedy species, quite unlike this). 
04/29/2011 Lee Dittmann  taxon changed Polygala sp. Carlowrightia arizonica (Arizonia Wrightwort; Arizona Carlowrightia)
Though this identification stumped me, since I could not think which family this plant would be if it were not in the Polygalaceae or Fabaceae, Max Licher and Chris Trask both identified it as this species, both referring to images in and the seinet database. Now that I know it's in the Acanthaceae, I concur. (There are already good images of it here on CalPhotos as well.)

As per my previous comment, this species is not known to occur in the California Floristic Province, so the Madera County annotation of the image is undoubtedly in error. 
04/29/2011 Lee Dittmann  comment Carlowrightia arizonica
The plant category should also be changed to "Tree/shrub." 

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