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Bandelier - Santa Fe
A Civil - Bodie Historic
Bodie Historic - Cathedral interior
Cathedral interior - Flume in
Forsaken Bait - Plaque commemorating
Potholes Historical - Herschel Island
Conaway Ranch - Bell Meadow
Stanford Fur - Anasazi village
Bandelier National - Baldwin Lake
Warner Mts. - Bird egg
Egg collection - Albergue Cusco
Albergue Cusco - Sierra de
San Juan - 15 mi
Pitahaya, 40 - 36 km
48 km - Mazourka Canyon
Seringal Condor - Aguas Calientes
Summit Smith - Birch Creek
Vinh Yen - Munda, New
1 mi - Vicinity of
San Jose - 12 mi
Midhills, 2 - Vicinity of
Vicinity of - Between El
Lake Merritt - Vicinity of
Near Icy - No specific
1 mi - Santa Clara
Farallon Islands - El Cajon
Morro Bay - Imaza, Rio
Imaza, Rio - Shamrock Crater
University of - Vinh Yen
Tseasim (Aguaruna - La Poza
Vicinity of - 7 mi
7 mi - 7 mi
University of - Bagua
Quitobaguito - Granite Creek
La Encantada - University of
Museum of - Furnace Creek
Bariloche region - Samson Flat
Munda, New - Between El
3 km - Bodie
Bar outside - Vicinity of
Diablo Canyon - Near San
Near San - Ruby Lake
Ruby Lake - Emira Island
Emira Island - Farallon Islands
Roosevelt - Gemsbok Game
Warner Creek - Sweetwater
Telegraph Creek - Triangle Spring
Bell Meadow - 8.2 mi
Punta San - 3 mi
1.5 mi - Isla San
Glenora, on - Isla San

'Birth Scene' Petroglyph - A muscian playing
A nativity scene - Aboriginal cave paintings
Aboriginal mother and - Aftermath of the
Aftermath of the - Anaconda copper mine
Anasazi petroglyphs on - Asaro mud men
Ascending staircase; Desert - Bamboo scaffolding used
Banana plantation in - Bedrock Mortars /
Bell tower of - Boats and buildings
Boats and Nets - Boy and burros
Boy near papya - Burned area, Gnaphalium
Burning farm debris - Camels
Camels arriving at - CDF firefighting helicopter
CDF firefighting helicopter - Child playing with
Child running through - Cliff Palace, Kiva
Cliff Palace, Kiva - Cottage at Hearst
Cotton ready for - Dancer in kimono
Dancers - Dog on balcony;
Don Panfilo's manatee - Egg collection area
Egg gatherer on - Family scene in
Family seated in - Fish Ladder in
Fish market - Flag Man's Fruit
Floating home on - Gaanaxadi or Raven
Gabra - Geothermal Power Plant
Geothermal Steam Power - Grande Valle Camp
Granitic boulder - Hang Gliding
Hanging chili ristra - Holy week, religious
Home - Hotel Retaurant Amenokal
House - Inca Dance, Parque
Inca Ruins, Pisac - Indigenous flower vendors
Indigenous girl with - Indigenous woman's braid
Indigenous women buying - Jaco (Costa Rica)
Jade Buddha in - Killer whale grave
Kiln - Le Conte Memorial
Leather dying vats - Long House in
Long House with - Makah basket made
Makah Mask: circa - Maori Meeting House
Maraine Lake and - Masai Chief, East
Masai child in - Masai woman and
Masai woman in - Michigan medical school
Milling Station / - Mother walking with
Mountainside Terraces in - Native Young Woman
Natives in boats - Night view of
Nighttime view of - Old motel along
Old tile roofs - Pair of cast
Paiute Indian grinding - Patung Orang mati
Pawaia Clan Hunter - Petroglyph / Chidago
Petroglyph / Cottonwood - Petroglyph / Sheep
Petroglyph / Steam - Petroglyphs / Chidago
Petroglyphs / Colorado - Petroglyphs and pictographs
Petroglyphs at Canyonlands - Pictograph / Capitol
Pictograph / Cottonwood - Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Pigeon Point Lighthouse - Polynesian cultural re-enactment
Polynesian cultural show - Procession at Inti
Produce market in - Rafting on the
Rafting on the - Rhythm Band Yadua
Rialto Bridge, Venice - River and village
River guide Modesto - Row of houses
Rubber tree tapper - Samburu dancers, Samburu
Samburu girl at - San Francisco Lombard
San Francisco Mission - Scuba divers along
Scuba divers in - Sears Point Petroglyphs
Seashore near Lompoc - Sing sing (native
Sing sing performers - Snow plow in
Snow removal on - St. Jerome Church
Stacked hay on - Street Market in
Street scene - Sunny pool and
Sunset District - Taos Pueblo in
Taos pueblo, ladders - Terraced rice fields
Terraced rice fields - The Pigeon Point
The rescue drill - Tico man cleaning
Tico man cutting - Tourists watching Polynesian
Tower, Cliff Palace - Two Balinese men
Two horseback riders - Vaqueros park their
Vaqueros riding their - View of Fort
View of Golden - View of San
View of Shumchun - Village children
Village in forest - Water buffalo and
Water buffalo drawn - Whitney-Hartman Petroglyphs-1(16)-Whitney-Hartman/Falling Man
Whitney-Hartman Petroglyphs-1(22)-Whitney-Hartman/Falling Man - Windmills in fields
Windmills on Mykonos - Woman with children
Woman with fruit - Wool maker in
Wool weaving loom - Young boy playing
Young Buffalo Dance - Zulu warriors at
Zulu woman and - Zulu warriors at

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