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Last updated: May 24 2017

Montague Island, Prince William Sound

Puerto Kino

Agua Marin, 8 mi WNW of Alamos

0.5 mi SW Escondida

Finca San Felipe, Mt. Cacaguatique

Fourth of July Canyon, New York Mts.

Hawkins Island, Prince William Sound

Sweetwater Mts., Swauger Canyon

Tusayan National Forest, N San Francisco Mt.

White Mts.

near Big Prospector Meadow, White Mts.

0.5 mi S crater El Elegante, 34 mi W Sonoita

vicinity of Huampami (Aguaruna village), Rio Cenepa

Midway Well, Imperial Co., Calif.

near Camp Nelson

2 mi W Hyampom

Pine Canyon, Mt. Diablo


36 km SE (by road) Macusani

48 km NE (by road) Paucartambo, km 128


Isla San Martin, Gulf of California Islands

headwaters of Rio Kagka [of Rio Cenepa]

Big Creek Ranch, Pine Forest Mts.

Quail Spring

Cerro Centinela, 13 mi WSW Mexicali

San Emigdio Creek

4 km NNE Ollachea

Nine-mile Mt., 20 mi NE Hazelton

Hatchet North Wells, Hatchet Mts.

7 mi E and 1 mi S Vicam

5 mi N Cerro Campana, Sierra El Nido

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