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Geology Subjects

'Cave Bacon' / - Andradite
Andradite - Aurichalcite
Aurichalcite - Barite on Plancheite
Barite on Quartz - Bonneville Salt Flats
Bournonite - Caledonite
Campito Mountain (California) - Chalcoalumite
Chalcocite - Clintonite Crystals in
Close-up of Rock - Courthouse Wash area
Covellite - Devastated area in
Devil's Homestead Lava - Electrum
Electrum on Quartz - Ferrocolumbite
Fiery Furnace Area - Franklinite on Willemite
Frost Cracking of - Glacial Striations and
Glacial Till - Gold / Crystalline
Gold and Chalcopyrite - Gold Wire
Gold Wires - Hematite var. Martite
Hematite with Quartz - Jointing in the
Jointing in the - Liebigite
Limonite - Mesolite on Stilbite
Meta-conglomerate of the - Mt. Shasta and
Mud Drip Structures - Navajo sandstone formation
Navajo sandstone formation - Paleozoic Section /
Pallasite Meteorite - Pressure Ridge on
Proustite - Quartz on Chrysosolla
Quartz pseudomorph after - Rhodochrosite on Quartz
Rhodochrosite on Quartz - San Andreas Fault
San Andreas Fault - Sheep Mountain and
Sheet Jointing and - Snake River Plain
Sodalite var. Hackmanite - Stalactites with Helictites
Stalagmite with Corraloids - Sulphur pool at
Sunrise on the - Thomsonite and Apophyllite
Thomsonite on Analcime - Ubehebe Crater /
Ubehebe Volcanic Crater - Volcanic Formations, Bay
Volcanic geology - Wulfenite
Wulfenite - Wulfenite

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